These are a few direct to garment and silkscreen printing videos that Daykin Imaging will be posting. Please leave a comment or any questions you might have

This a new design off a painting used to create the new Watsonville Strawberry Festival 2015 shirts.

This is our newest Direct To Garment video. Daykin Imaging has the capabilities  of printing short or long runs when we utilize all three of our DTG printers at the same time with the same image, as you can see the quality is outstanding on high resolution images, brilliant colors great color interpretation  This is a Colorful new Screen Printed design from Daykin Imaging. The color combination was taken off of a Jimi Hendrix fillmore poster red and blue  is always a very bright a somewhat clashing colors together, it works well with this design only being two colors it certainly pops out when viewed. This garment printing video was printed on a 6 color manuel press.  This is another design printed on our DTG printers that we created for Ocean Speedway and really shows how good these direct to garment printers reproduce multicolor designs. This is from Bargetto Winery and features the new Mead Wine, under the Chaucer label. View our video below of how we print this beautiful piece of artwork. It was printed on our new DTG printers.